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October 16, 2012


Heart Vintage Design

I love typography and look forward to reading your posts : )


I love this story so much! I wish I had even half the talent that you have! What a blessing! :-)

Jasmine Jones

Thanks so much, Ariel! I appreciate your encouragement!

Annalise Arnold

Found you on Instagram! Such a cool story of how you found your love for chalk. I realize so much of your success comes from pure talent, but where did you get the professional training you mentioned? I have been studying typography. Drawing with chalk still feels clumsy to me. I have been practicing, but coming up with layouts and designs is still a struggle. Any advice?

Jasmine Jones

Hi Annalise!
Thanks for making your way to my blog and appreciating my work! To answer your questions, I've always been into drawing, so over the years I've had a lot of practice. I did go to art school for one year, but most of my education has been pretty eclectic. Knowing how to draw is a big part of lettering, because essentially, you are drawing letter-forms, rather than just "writing" them. I think improving your life-drawing skills will help your hand-lettering skills because it teaches you how to truly "see". I'd say focus on the layout and design before expecting to create a successful chalk piece. The layout is the foundation, and if that's not strong, then your artwork won't be either. As far as chalk drawing goes, if you're working on a smaller scale, it helps to sharpen the tip of the chalk using a pencil sharpener made for fat pencils. You can often find a pencil sharpener with two different sizes on it, and the large size should fit your chalk. Also, if you get serious about chalk drawing, you should invest in a chalk holder, which makes handling the chalk much less-clumsy. I hope this helps!

Annalise Arnold

Thanks, Jasmine! That is very helpful. Drawing definitely does not come naturally to me....all I can draw are stick figures. But I guess that means lots of practice or signing up for a drawing for dummies class ;)

Stephanie Tempinson

I just love your chalkboard art! I hope to be that good someday :).

I just got a job as a chalkboard artist for a local Hy-Vee, and not knowing what to expect I google searched about it, and your blog post is the only thing I found! I have a general idea of what the job will entail, but I would love to hear more about your experience at Hy-vee as a sign maker. I'm wondering what it is like day to day! I've always been good at art but I've never had the chance to use it in a job I get paid for...

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